Monday, November 1, 2010

The Myths of Faith and Reason

Last night and on to early in the morning I was pondering whether I was agnostic or atheist, all the while fervently praying for sleep to any deity that would listen.

So forgive me if my ramblings seem more tired than usual.

Many people tend to lump agnostics and atheists together. That is a misrepresentation of both. Atheism is the position that there are no gods and such. Agosticism is, well, it's all over the place. There are religious agnostics, atheist agnostics and all sorts in between. I guess the best way to describe agnosticism would be that it allows room for doubt.

Atheism has actually become a larger and more concentrated movement throughout the world. Most notably in the United States and around Europe. American Atheists is a good example of an atheistic movement.

Of course, where would Atheism be without religion? I won't go much into the particulars but I'll stick with some generalities that most should know. Others can pipe up if they like.

God(s), whichever you prefer (I'm partial to Papa Smurf), created man. Women tended to be created later, often as punishment for some infraction. I'm not kidding. So, women, let this be a lesson: beware the legacy your constant nagging imparts!

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  1. Your description of Atheist and Agnostics are spot on. Agnostics tend to believe there is something greater, not necessarily a sky God but something. Atheists are strong believers in evolution and believe in the pure scientific explanation.

    Where would Atheism be without religion? Popular, it would be taught in schools as it is in China (Once China decided to prohibit religion their economy, education and social views boomed like never before), all the wars fought over religious beliefs, holy lands would not exist and government would focus on education and economics instead of Gay Marriage and Pro-life vs Pro-choice.

    To believe that there is something greater, watching, loving, waiting is very comforting. As an atheist i believe that there IS something greater, many things greater, many that are undiscovered, but it is not supernatural, it is NATURAL.

    As far as women being created as a punishment....the bible states women were created as a companion so that man would be able to be fruitful and multiply, not a punishment. However, it does show that women, since the bible was written have been seen as nothing more than someplace to spread the male seed and that is seen in every religion except Paganism. Ah, those Pagans and their natural thinking that men and women are equal because one without the other is nothing, obviously they must be evil devil worshipers. Are Atheist just more evolved and educated Pagans?

  2. "...Prometheus in turn stole fire in a giant fennel-stalk and gave it back to mankind. This further enraged Zeus, who sent Pandora, the first woman, to live with men. She was fashioned by Hephaestus out of clay and brought to life by the four winds, with all the goddesses of Olympus assembled to adorn her. 'From her is the race of women and female kind...of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who live amongst mortal men to their great trouble, no helpmeets in hateful poverty, but only in wealth.'."

    25:17. The sadness of the heart is every plague: and the wickedness of a woman is all evil.

    25:18. And a man will choose any plague, but the plague of the heart:

    25:19. And any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman

    25:24. The wickedness of a woman changeth her face: and she darkeneth her countenance as a bear: and sheweth it like sackcloth. In the midst of her neighbours,

    25:25. Her husband groaned, and hearing he sighed a little.

    25:26. All malice is short to the malice of a woman, let the lot of sinners fall upon her.

    25:27. As the climbing of a sandy way is to the feet of the aged, so is a wife full of tongue to a quiet man.

    25:28. Look not upon a woman’s beauty, and desire not a woman for beauty.

    25:29. A woman’s anger, and impudence, and confusion is great.

    25:30. A woman, if she have superiority, is contrary to her husband.

    25:31. A wicked woman abateth the courage, and maketh a heavy countenance, and a wounded heart.

    25:32. Feeble hands, and disjointed knees, a woman that doth not make her husband happy.

    25:33. From the woman came the beginning of sin, and by her we all die.

    25:34. Give no issue to thy water, no, not a little: nor to a wicked woman liberty to gad abroad.

    25:35. If she walk not at thy hand, she will confound thee in the sight of thy enemies.

    25:36. Cut her off from thy flesh, lest she always abuse thee.

    Aha! And, after I finish the original post, I shall respond to the rest o' yer writin's. ;)

  3. Ok, I was thinking more recent religion and the other versus just talk about how evil women are, the people that wrote the bible or any other of those prophecies were obviously women haters(men)that needed a way to control them.
    My favorite is 25:27. :P

  4. I like to think that those dudes that created all those myths and/or simply wrote them down had nagging wives.

    I'm just surprised we haven't encountered a female god or heroine by the name of Bitcheosticles or somethin'. :P