Friday, November 5, 2010

What's Changed?

Now that the Republicans have more control than they had before what will change?

Nothing will change.

The same questions "plaguing" our society are the same ones that were doing so decades ago. The only real difference between then and now is that we've created new ones to help break the monotony.

Many debates you'll see thrown around tend to be debates that can only and should only be solved via a citizens morality, not the government's. These are used, however, to smokescreen and polarize.

Abortion, anyone?

This is not an issue the government will "fix" nor "solve" yet it is always brought out when votes are most needed.

With Democrats in control we've had the same problems. With Republicans in office we've had the same problems. And yet the nation is retardedly and expectantly sitting up and proclaiming, "Change is a-comin'!".

Nothing will change.

Not so long ago people were up in arms over Republicans and their chosen leader, good ol' Dubbya. The vitriol thrown about was the catch-phrase of the day.

And now that Republicans are making another showing those very same people from before are excited as pigs in, well, whatever it is those same people use for brains.

It was two years ago! TWO! Yet "Change is a-comin'!".

Nothing will change.

Not until we do.


  1. Things have started to change already. Have you checked out the stock market lately. It's a big misconception in this country that you can build the economy from the bottom up. It takes money to make money. It also took a Carter to get a Regan. So hang in there Chuckles, I promise better days are coming...

  2. Oh for the love of...

    That kind of thinking would also show, as fact, that Obama is the reason our market failed so spectacularly in the first place. It couldn't possibly be the result of years and years of improper and dishonest practices by others resulting in a gradual eroding of securities and stocks. All of which culminated in the crash during Obama's tenure.

    And the resultant upswing couldn't possibly be the natural result of the stock market bouncing back, as it does and as history shows, through efforts of those in the market and the simple fact that our economy is its own creature.

    No, it's the result of a few days worth of work on the part of the Republicans. The simple fact that there are more of them now.

    Oh, wait, if such a thing would be held as truth than all of the problems would have been solved a presidency ago.

    Separate what you want to be true from what is true. When more people do that the world will be a better place.

  3. DAMN! That lady school'd you!

  4. Don't be so pessimistic! Obama needs to grab hold of his cojones and stand up to the GOP and Wall Street like he promised and then maybe things will start changing. It will take some time but it can change. Clinton went through this in 1994 and the result was pretty good except for the fact that he did not focus on home land security nor the military at ALL which led to 911. (Lewinsky missles dont count)

    I think there has to be some sort of balance between the two parties. They currently both want the same things but how to achieve those goals is where they differ.