Monday, November 29, 2010

False Morality

One of the many aspects of our society that contributes to its own deterioration is false morality. It is being found everywhere. False morality is the possession of morals without critical thought. They tend to be skewed towards ideologies that are often themselves flawed.

They should not be mistaken for differing morals that can be found on either sides of a debate, IE: the death penalty. One may believe in it based on the idea that such punishments are needed for certain crimes, as a deterrent, etc. The other side may believe against it because they abhor the killing of any person and/or they feel that, as a deterrent, it has little effect.

Those viewpoints, based on differing morals, are correct for those individuals. An example of false morality, using the above example, would be a person against the death penalty but supporting the fight against terrorism. That person is guilty of false morality.

They may hold perfectly valid reasons for both, the same reasons that would be found supported by others, however the two ideas cannot coexist as equals. One is against the killing of others while the latter results in such frequently.

Unfortunately there is no real way to combat this psychological disease. A person guilty of such, by necessity, would not be swayed by any argument nor facts simply for the reason that their possession of rationality wouldn't have allowed them to hold such ideas in the first place.

Wish we could simply take a baseball bat of enlightenment upside their collective heads. But, as they'll point out, violence has never solved anything.

Just, you know, every major and minor conflict in history.


  1. The death penalty as a deterrent to others is a mistake. The death penalty as appropriate punishment for a crime is, well, appropriate.

  2. But how do you justify the death as appropriate punishment?

    The idea is to remove such people from society and keep them away. A life sentence (or two, or three) would do just that.

    What need to kill then?

  3. False morality is what runs the country, everyone talks about morals and lack thereof but those morals we speak of are all man made.

    Who is anyone to say what is moral or not for every individual.

    That is why government was built, for the people by the people. Each state decides what laws to make based on the majority. Gay marriage for instance is still pending, why? The majority feels it is immoral, and who said it was? The bible and the people who feel it is unnatural and should be illegal.

    It's all BS, but someone has to draw the lines.....

  4. I'm sure all would agree that simple murder is immoral. Even those that would stone a woman for looking cross-eyed at a dildo would agree. They have their reasons, however messed up they are.

    But the issue isn't whether or not certain morals are bad or good. The issue is the lack of thought behind them. The conflicting ethos that so many hold.

    Morals these days are more arbitrary than ever before. Continually changing one day to the next to suit particular needs.

    IE: Countless people decrying the harm some Middle Eastern families may go through as a result of the war on terror.

    Yet they choose to completely ignoring the harm our own familes suffer as a result of terrorists.

    Holding the opinion/moral that no family should be harmed is laudible. It can be respected. But when they hold up certain families above others then they become false.

  5. Absolutely and well put, most people have their biases. One crime is better than the other. This person is better than that and my God is better than yours.

    Like the Pro-lifers who think abortion doctors should be killed or are ok with children living and being neglected in foster care.

    People who cry rasicm but have no problems being racist themselves.

    People who are for the death penalty but against murder.

    People who say GOD is the only judge but judge others morals everyday.

    People who are for killing civilians because ours were killed.

    It's sick, rediculous and the sad part is that those are the people with the biggest voices. The rest of us sit back and just shake our heads.

  6. Perversely enough that's because we're intelligent. Of course such and such can't really be nor this and that actually be taken seriously. They're thoughtless, conflicting, immoral, etc.

    So we sit by and assume good (or whatever) will win out because the world is a rational place. Then, we're once again shocked to our pretty little toe nails about how askew something went.

    We expect someone to step up and set it right.

    We assume stupid people and behavior won't be taken seriously.

    We need to knock those harmful idea out of our collective heads.