Monday, December 12, 2011

False Morality

One of the many aspects of our society that contributes to its own deterioration is false morality. It is being found everywhere. False morality is the possession of morals without critical thought. They tend to be skewed towards ideologies that are often themselves flawed.

They should not be mistaken for differing morals that can be found on either sides of a debate, IE: the death penalty. One may believe in it based on the idea that such punishments are needed for certain crimes, as a deterrent, etc. The other side may believe against it because they abhor the killing of any person and/or they feel that, as a deterrent, it has little effect.

Those viewpoints, based on differing morals, are correct for those individuals. An example of false morality, using the above example, would be a person against the death penalty but supporting the fight against terrorism. That person is guilty of false morality.

They may hold perfectly valid reasons for both, the same reasons that would be found supported by others, however the two ideas cannot coexist as equals. One is against the killing of others while the latter results in such frequently.

Unfortunately there is no real way to combat this psychological disease. A person guilty of such, by necessity, would not be swayed by any argument nor facts simply for the reason that their possession of rationality wouldn't have allowed them to hold such ideas in the first place.

Wish we could simply take a baseball bat of enlightenment upside their collective heads. But, as they'll point out, violence has never solved anything.

Just, you know, every major and minor conflict in history.

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