Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shooting Children For Kicks.

Taken from TBO...

"LARGO - Gun owners have something to learn from two shootings yesterday in which children were wounded by guns in the presence of the adults taking care of them, law enforcement officials say.

One man was arrested after a toddler in his care was wounded with his shotgun, while another man, in a separate incident, was not arrested after an 8-year-boy in his care was wounded with a handgun, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

Obviously it's bad, what with the children 'n all.

It goes on to explain that the first man, John Gallagher, had unloaded his shotgun (doesn't explain if he had been cleaning it or some-such) and, thinking it was empty, had pointed at the two year old girl and pulled the trigger. The shotgun wasn't empty and he ended up blasting the tike. The article said the wound wasn't life threatening but it either failed to further explain Gallagher's thinking or there just wasn't anything to write regarding that.

I know quite a few people like that.

The second man was babysitting three brothers, eight and twin six year olds. He took a .38 revolver and a .45 pistol. He unloaded the .38 and gave it to the boys to look at. He then, for whatever reason, took it back, reloaded it, placed it in its holster and then placed it upon a dresser away from them. While he was showing the boys the unloaded .45 one of the twins got a hold of the .38 and shot his 8 year old brother in the leg. This man wasn't arrested as it was deemed purely an accident.

So besides the obvious, that finally the Twin Conspiracy has come to light and their plans to take over the world one gunshot at a time, these two happenings are stirring more anti-gun sentiments.


I would hope they would stir up some anti-stupid sentiments. But, this being Florida...

Seriously, does anyone else see the above instances as more proof for needing more stringent gun laws or a need to improve education, intelligence and common sense?


  1. Common sense is not all that common anymore. *Sigh*

  2. Chuckles,

    We need to educate the parents. Our society requires a license for guns, not children. Being the daughter of a Marine I grew up with guns all over the house. I knew how to load and use the guns if I needed to. However, I never in the 20 years living under his roof, ever touched one of his guns without his permission and presence. I knew if I did I would have been killed. That's good gun control, and very good parenting

  3. I agree with that. But how do we educate the parents? Is there some sort of course/training for parents and their children? I'm betting the NRA would have something like that if anyone did.

    Just found it, Parents Guide To Gun Safety

    I wonder how effective gun control would be if an I.Q. test were attached.

  4. I believe we absolutely need more stringent gun laws. I dont think the average citizen should be able to own a gun at all. We are betting that MOST people are smart enough to keep them locked up and not only talk but be strict enough that their children wont ever touch them, but we dont have many people out there like that.

    There is no reason whatsoever why the average Joe should have a gun. This is not the Wild Wild West, nor civil war times.

  5. Lilly,

    I know a very good reason. Its called the Second Amendments. This amendment was written by our forefathers for a reason. It clearly states the right to maintain a volunteer armed force. People need the ablilty and right to protect there property. As soon as we give up that right, we will become slaves to the people with the guns. I know its not cival war times, but Tenement square was not that long ago, 1989.

  6. There have been many changes to the constitution; it was made to be changed as the nation evolved. We have is not civil war times and you no longer have to protect your homes from the British.

    Who exactly will we become slaves to? What people with guns? Military? Police? I’m not sure what you mean. Do you think that we are not slaves to them because some of us have guns? If they wanted to enslave us they would.

    Are you talking about what happened in China? Or am I thinking about something else? It is illegal in China to protest or basically voice your opinion about anything, that’s why they are communist and we are not.

    Finally, there is NO value for the average citizen to have a gun, none. Unless I’m missing something, if so please point out and link to the "good" stories.

  7. Lilly,
    I wish I could point out a "good" story that supports gun control but I don't agree with it. However, I do have some interesting facts that may help you to understand the importance of our right to bear arms.

    Why do mass shootings happen in "gun free zones"? Because peole can't carry guns for self defense in these zones. The city of Chicago has the highest murder rate in this country, and guess what, they also have a ban on hand guns. There are numerous examples of car jackings that have been prevented because the average citizen had a hand gun for protection. If a criminal breaks into my home with intent to harm, I want a 45 caliber hollow, not a butter knife. No goverment should have the right to tell its citizens they are only allowed the butter knife. Thats what gun control does. When we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. I like British people...not worried about them. The crack heads, now thats another story...